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Welcome to our website

Aadhaar on PVC is an online service portal under the protection of BHASIN INDIA MULTI SERV-N-TRADE PRIVATE LIMITED. We have been constantly working on associating the gap between internet world and the common man, and Aadhaar on PVC is yet another initiative in this direction. Through this service, anyone can order his/her Aadhaar card with the data printed on a plastic card which is later defined as Aadhaar PVC card. 

As we all know that Aadhar card sent by UIDAI is printed on paper sheet and is very big in size that makes it difficult to carry even in one’s wallet. Also handling the same becomes imperative so one need to laminate the card to keep it safe. Once the card is laminated, it becomes quite difficult to handle it frequently like you handle other cards such as ATM or PAN card. Unlike this trauma, Plastic Aadhaar cards are as valid as the card sent by UIDAI printed on paper sheet, in fact it is better than the card printed on paper sheet.

Aadhar cards printed on PVC are easy to handle and does not require any special care to be taken to keep them safe and secure for long. They are softer, flexible and weightless to carry them anywhere you want. Also, the cards printed on PVC come with the benefit of being water resistant as it can easily replace rubber.

The Aadhaar cards printed on PVC offer the advantage of saving your time and money invested on laminating the cards. Instead, these cards doesn’t need any lamination as they are made of synthetic plastic polymer and posses long life featuring the brittle and durable nature of the plastic used to print the cards. 

Features of PVC Aadhaar cards:

Below are some features of Aadhaar plastic cards:-

·         Easy to carry

·         No wear or tear

·         Get Multiple copies

·         Valid throughout the country

·         Can be used as identity and address proof for various government schemes

·         High quality cards with approachable color printing

·         Easily fits in one’s wallet due to compatible size equals to ATM or PAN card

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