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Multiple Plastic Aadhaar Card

NOTE : The order should be placed by uploading E-Aadhaar PDF and giving aadhaar Number only (downloaded from www.eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in) or with enrolment details (Enrolment Number, date and time) only. In case scanned picture of aadhaar is uploaded, your order will be rejected​.

(As in Enrollment Slip)

(As in Enrollment Slip)

(As given in your Aadhaa)

(As in Enrollment Slip)

(As in Enrollment Slip)

(As in Enrollment Slip)

I declare that the e-Aadhaar submitted here is mine.


I have taken consent from the Aadhaar Holder to submit e-Aadhaar on his behalf.
I authorize www.aadhaaronpvc.co.in to print PVC card from this file.

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